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add's GalleryViews like SmoothGallery, to the CMS Plone. This Views can use in any Folder or Smardfolder (Topics)

This Add-on is not under active development, please use collective.plonetruegallery instead!

Plone Gallery View:

Brings gallery views like SmoothGallery to plone folders and smardfolders.



Default View Banner View

sehr kleine Bilder unten Banner Autochange View


See it in action:






Plone >= 2.1.x


Use the normal Plone way.
1. put plonegalleryview folder in your Products folder and restart zope.
2. then install plonegalleryview with the portal_quickinstaller in ZMI or use "Add/Remove Products" in Plone site setup.


to checkout the plonegalleryview from svn use the following command:

  svn co plonegalleryview




Now on any folder/smardfolder you can change the view to gallerview. To create an Image-Gallery, just put images in an folder and choose one of the available galleryviews. Another way to create an Image-Gallery is, create an Smartfolder (Topic) and edit the criteria as you want. Then choose also one of the galleryviews. This way is more flexible because of the power of Smardfolders.You can finde some properties in portal_properties/plonegalleryview_properties ;-)

German documentation:

an german documentation is available here:

Projectsites on and






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to the Authors of SmoothGallerie and the mootools